// Philosophy //

// Clarity

Hatchet always starts with a strategy, which brings clarity among leadership by setting expectations and introducing transparency. When departments are all on the same page, a solid foundation is laid for achieving goals.

// Strategies

Companies come to Hatchet with a sales goal; and we help them achieve it. It begins with a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that details sales processes and marketing tactics for the year.

// Energy

When a company executes on their strategies, energy builds within the company. A natural buzz is created when people are confidently functioning in their roles.

// Execution

We then partner with companies to execute the proposed sales and marketing tactics, timelines, and messaging. Processes are put into place to set the business up for success.

// Momentum

Momentum is created when a company sees qualified leads coming in. The impetus of progressing toward a goal propels businesses to a whole new level.

// Leads

Hatchet monitors sales and marketing progress with specific goals, benchmarks, and behaviors. Qualified leads are tracked, as well as how they advance through the sales funnel.

// Results

When companies see results and achieve sales goals they often bask in the fruits of their labor. Hatchet challenges companies to continually refine their process by asking, “what’s next?”

// Sales

The combination of a proactive sales culture with strong marketing efforts and in-depth tracking results in increased sales. Hatchet empowers teams to achieve goals and set new ones.