// Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is—well, exactly what it claims to be (and much more). It’s a marketing practice that services the unique needs of each individual account rather than offering a one size fits all solution. Because of this, account-based marketing often delivers more bang for your buck. Whereas inbound marketing practices attempt to lure prospects in with attractive content, account-based marketing aggressively pursues your targeted prospects by aligning sales and marketing efforts.

Account-based marketing opens up communication between your marketing and sales teams. Uniting these two departments leads to increased prospect identification and outreach and a more comprehensive understanding of each campaign’s effectiveness.

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Research ensures that your marketing team will push the right content through the optimal channel. It defines the prospect you’re targeting, identifies people within the prospective company and informs the strategy you’ll employ to break through to the prospect.


Put simply, marketing is in charge of delivering the right content to the right place at the right time. They push value-based content and execute your digital advertising strategy.


Your sales team should reach out to the prospects that marketing has targeted. In essence, sales must remind targets of the great content that marketing pushed their way. For optimal efficiency, sales should employ a call and email cadence, which simply means that everything they say should be consistent with marketing’s messaging strategy.


Analyzing a single account’s results allows you to assess what’s working and identify who’s buying the product or service. Tracking grants you the ability to adjust or augment your marketing strategy and holds salespeople accountable for their sales goals.