// Agile Marketing

Agile is a new and increasingly trendy addition to the lexicon of marketing jargon; however, its popularity should not detract from its significance. Agile isn’t a simple fad. It’s an emergent standard.

What is agile marketing?

Put simply, it collects data and analytics to identify problems in real time and present new solutions. It values alterations and iterations over religious adherence to a master marketing plan. In this way, it increases capabilities and output by eliminating redundant work (practices that don’t benefit the client) and prioritizing practices that are proven to deliver results.

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Agile marketing allows you not only to get things done but to get the right things done.It keeps the budget under control, gets the leadership team on-board and improves overall project management.Speed and adaptability fuel agile marketing.Therefore, agile marketing depends on the alignment of sales and marketing departments. The ability to react quickly to changes relies on seamless communication between the two teams and the execution of tasks.

In short, agile marketing:

  • Responds to changes instead of following a strict plan
  • Prioritizes iterations over big campaigns
  • Values data and testing over opinions and conventions
  • Conducts many small experiments
  • Values individuals and interactions over one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Implements a collaborative rather than hierarchical structure