// Email Marketing

Doing the “everyday” better than anyone else.

Somehow, the art of creating an effective email campaign has found itself on an endangered species list with cursive handwriting and well-hung polar bears. We get it: culturally, emails are becoming a boring, stagnant business formality—it’s difficult to infuse them with finesse. We’re here to turn the email form on its head and use it to generate sales. We create involved email marketing strategies that direct new leads and existing clients back to your business’ site.

We’re so invested in email that we approach it through a variety of platforms. Whether we craft targeted MailChimp campaigns or aggressively pursue leads with cold emails via Mailshake, our email marketing strategy widens your business’ reach, improving your brand’s footprint and increasing bottom lines.

It's time to rewrite your current email strategy.

Using Email Campaigns Effectively

Resources like MailChimp allow us to build productive databases for potential clients. We can accumulate a list of potential and lapsed clients who can be engaged with content or promotion campaigns. We can then analyze the results of these campaigns over time. We determine which types of campaigns work best, what kind of content garners the most interest and even what time of day is best to send out emails. Using this data, we create even more carefully honed marketing strategies. Ultimately, email provides us with an effective platform for pushing conversions.