// Lead Generation

Marketing must generate leads. Without leads, who cares? Leads validate messaging and marketing campaigns and lead generation is the most significant KPI. Not only do leads have to be qualified with a need, they must also come from target demographics and carry an imperative for your salespeople. At Hatchet, we define ourselves by our ability to generate those leads—leads that create excitement amongst your sales team.

Generating quality leads is only a starting point. With leads comes data, and that’s what we’re really here for. Knowing where leads originate—noticing where leads aren’t coming from—allows us to manipulate and increase lead quality and quantity. By interpreting the data, we can pinpoint pivotal moments in the sales process and locate the most productive ROIs. Through this intricate, data-driven, trial-and-error process, we create a consistent, responsive and robust lead-generating machine.

Start Utilizing your digital assets to generate leads.

These clients forgot about increasing web traffic and starting thinking about increasing leads.