// Pay Per Click

Business relationships don’t disintegrate on the internet. That’s why we’re devout believers in pay-per-click advertising, especially Google AdWords. Not only is it an invaluable tool for directing quality traffic to your business’ website, it also ensures that your site is relevant to your visitors and vice versa. PPC advertising allows us to market to your known customer base and maintain the symbiotic purchasing relationship that drives your sales.

Pay-per-click advertising isn’t easy advertising. We meticulously research and organize search terms to produce the best results and generate leads for your business. We’re committed to breaking your sales ceiling, and then turning around and breaking it again.

Reach the customers your business needs to reach.

Implementing PPC

Hatchet helps you capitalize on pay-per-click advertising by creating and fully managing your Adwords account. We create aligned and evolving ad strategies and build ad copy around thoroughly researched keyword selection to offer you the best ROI. But we don’t just put these initial efforts on autopilot. We continuously analyze Adwords data to keep you informed, implement strategic changes and ensure that your account never plateaus.