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Front and Center (on Google).

Ultimately, SEO (search engine optimization) is about results. But, before we can get there, we have to learn the outs and ins of your business. Hatchet earns results by forming a close relationship with your business and building you a personalized website focused on search engine optimization. Your branding, your online content and our marketing strategy should all work together to achieve sales goals.

At Hatchet, we believe that your web content should work for you, driving leads that generate new business. Google isn’t some intangible demigod, haphazardly selecting its favorite websites. Google is interested in what we’re interested in: content that’s thoughtfully crafted to engage your customers and produce new leads.

By providing a streamlined web experience and relevant, interesting content, your website’s traffic will reinforce its quality. That’s how we take your business to the top.

Earn results—and drive sales—by engaging your customers.

Develop Keywords

Creating keywords and strategically employing them across your website and other web-based content helps us connect you with your target demographic and elevate your site on Google. At Hatchet, we embed strategic search terms on your website to attract new business.

Create additional sitemaps for Google

Everyone appreciates a functional, easy to navigate website–even search engines. Developing new and additional sitemaps clarifies the website’s index for Google, consequently bolstering its search performance and taking your business to the top.

Perform regular site maintenance

By posting frequent blogs to your business’ site and performing regular site maintenance, we’re able to consistently update keywords and adapt to trends. This means that we stay ahead of the curve and adapt constantly to deliver unique leads.