// Social Media Advertising

Leaving social media to the kids leaves your business in the dust.

Wipe that grin off your face. Social media is serious business. With its constantly evolving landscape, social media is the Wild West of marketing. Your business needs an adaptive marketing strategy that keeps you ahead of the curve.

We like social media for three big reasons:

  • Social media dramatically increases your business’ footprint.
    Maintaining a branded presence on multiple social media platforms makes your business more dexterous. Not only does it provide a direct pipeline for customer interaction, it also gives you the opportunity to perpetually develop your company’s voice and grow your audience.
  • Social media allows us to run integrated marketing campaigns across platforms.
    With constant access to your business’ following, Hatchet can bolster the audience of other web-based marketing campaigns and promote your business’ branded content.
  • Social media guarantees new avenues for targeted marketing.
    Hatchet aggressively pursues your business’ sales goals. One surefire way to meet them is to break into new markets. Social media provides a bastion of unconventional potential clients.

Serious business can be fun, too. It’s no secret: social media’s a blast, especially when it’s in conversation with increasing your bottom lines. For us, it’s in the same league as a canteen brimming with whiskey.

Earn results—and drive sales—by creatively engaging your customers across platforms.

Social Media Management

At Hatchet, we approach your social media marketing with the same thoughtfulness as we do all platforms. We set-up or restructure your social media accounts to ensure that you are using the right channels to reach the right audience. We coordinate and schedule your social media posts to promote content that is congruous with both your sales & marketing strategy and the tone of the platform itself. We strategically utilize paid social advertising to better reach your potential clients. And finally, we hold social media posts to the standards of SEO so that your content is both searchable and shareable.