// About Us

Hatchet is a strategic firm that builds comprehensive sales and marketing strategies that empower the two revenue-generating departments of your business.

We are not a “get your needs met” marketing firm. We are not here for you to validate how cute or clever we are. Hatchet aggressively goes after sales and marketing goals with precise strategies backed by processes and results.

We work with a wide range of companies however, there are a few common denominators.

We work best with clients who:

  • Are at a pivotal time in their business. They have gotten it to a
    certain point and are looking for an extra bump that propels them
    into a new level.
  • Are dealing with an internal battle. Sales is angry that markting isn’t working as hard to generate revenue.
  • Are tired of doing sales and marketing the same way every year and
    are hungry to shake things up and go against the grain.

// Our Team

  • Simon
    Simon Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Dave
    Dave Director of Digital Strategy
  • Jacob
    Jacob Director of Product Development
  • Lauren
    Lauren Account Manager