// About Us

Hatchet started in 2013 because we wanted to solve a problem: small and mid-sized companies were getting burnt by major marketing agencies. These agencies didn’t care about the companies. They cared about coasting, delivering one-size-fits-all solutions and collecting paychecks—not earning them. Someone had to offer an alternative, so Hatchet did. We recognized that companies need a partner who works as an extension of their existing infrastructure, a partner who cares—and knows as much—about their business as they do.

After working in both in-house and agency marketing roles, Simon Andrews felt that he could do better. He envisioned Hatchet and started this whole operation. Now, Hatchet is comprised of a small group of individuals who buy into and practice the founding attitude. It’s a mix of experts who relentlessly work together to achieve each client’s goals. We’re marketers, designers, web developers, writers, whiskey-drinkers and moderately attractive. Together, we’ve built countless custom sales and marketing strategies and helped our partners aggressively go after their business goals.

Our Team

Simon Andrews


Jacob Hyten


Graeme Haase


Adam Cvik

Creative Intern

Verna Schwartz

Development Intern