Custom sales and marketing strategies that aggressively go after business goals.

01_The Wolf

We formed Hatchet to protect our pack. We wanted to fix Indianapolis’ broken marketing model. Big agencies were forcing small to mid-sized companies into pre-made, cookie-cutter sales and marketing strategies that yielded zero results and boasted no personal touch. We couldn’t bear to stand by and watch larger agencies screw the small businesses that built our city.

Hatchet was formed for all the wolves, all other strong-jawed howlers, agile predators and insatiable wanderers like us. Each and every distant ancestor of the domesticated dog in your laundry room reminds us of why we do what we do. We’re proud of who we work with: successful blue-collar companies that got to where they are courtesy of an old-fashioned, hard-nosed work ethic, guts and a hardy heap of persistence.

02_The Bear

The cycle of each bear’s life carries a certain spiritual significance. For bears, only two seasons occur: hibernating, then doing. At Hatchet, we prescribe to the latter half of that formula. There’s only one direction: forward—and as long as you’re moving, you’re doing something. We love bears because they provide something for us to poke incessantly.

We’re not a “get your needs met” marketing agency. We’re not here for you to validate how cute or clever we are. We don’t tolerate fluff, hogwash or bullshit. Whatever you call it, it’s an antonym of Hatchet. We’re big fans of the rugged, blue-collar Indianapolis tongue. That means fewer words and more action. Everything we do is directed at one thing: helping clients meet their sales goals.

03_The Hawk

At Hatchet, we strive for hawk-like-ness, meaning that we pursue sales and marketing goals with foresight and ferocity. Hawks get the job done. Likewise, we key-in on central sales issues and then deliver results. Look, we know there’s only one reason to pay for marketing: to move more products and increase your customer base.

When a hawk flies, it doesn’t just fly. It punishes the air with its avian strength, then reaps the benefits of its exertion. We’re here to provide data-driven strategies that build momentum and propel you into the air.