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Don’t call us sales consultants.

At Hatchet, we prefer to be called sales architects. Consider us a bunch of bearded Frank Lloyd Wrights who focus on your bottom line. We collaborate with your business to lay the foundation for a sustainable, data-backed sales strategy—a strategy that allows you to meet your sales goals now and continue to meet them annually.

If it ain’t broke, fix it before it breaks.

Time after time young companies encounter short-term success without a sales process. It’s usually the same story: an owner sells his or her ass off until the business can afford to hire a dedicated salesperson, making the owner the de facto sales manager. Then the owner throws a database at the new hire and tells him to hustle, restarting the high-pressure sales cycle with a fresh face and setting that fresh face up for failure.

This model may work for a while, but you can’t shoot from the hip forever. Sure, hustling brings small, hard-earned victories. But what about next year? At some point, every business owner has to cement his or her vision and invest in a strategic, calculated approach to sales.

Hold your plan, and your people, accountable.

Let’s get one thing straight: your sales team has to be responsible for the majority of new business. Around here, we think of marketing leads as icing on the cake. If you don’t bake the damn cake, where do you put the icing? A good sales strategy provides two things: clarity for your salespeople and a method for holding your salespeople accountable. It provides a recipe and an incentive.

Hatchet doesn’t build marketing infrastructures; we build sales infrastructures. If you’re waiting on marketing leads to trickle in, you’re wasting time and cash. Hatchet develops clear, intentional sales strategies backed by marketing best practices that rally your team and give you live insight into who’s hustling, who’s slacking, and which sales habits best suit your business.

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