Regain Control of Your Marketing Campaign: A Relationship Case Study

The Partner

Established in 2011, Chimney & Masonry Outfitters is a chimney and masonry restoration company that serves homeowners, contractors and commercial clients. The company provides services to maintain the full-functionality of chimneys, including sweeps and inspections. They also restore, repair, design and install masonry work of any kind. The CMO mission is to create an experience that exceeds all expectations for everyone involved. Located in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood, the company operates within Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Hatchet has been partnering with CMO since 2015.

The Problem

Chimney & Masonry Outfitters was struggling to create an intentional and effective marketing campaign for a clearly defined brand. Their efforts were not consistent, and they didn’t have the tools to evaluate those efforts. Kourtney Zahn, owner of CMO, explained, “We were shooting in the dark in the past. We threw money at any marketing opportunity that came our way, without an overarching plan. And then, we had no way to measure the results of the avenues we were using.” CMO wanted to regain control of their marketing. They needed to partner with a marketing team who could give them that control and create a comprehensive marketing campaign that supported a clear strategy.

The Solution

As business owners, Zahn and Simon Andrews, CEO of Hatchet Marketing, were part of the same business community in Indianapolis. They met and connected on a personal level. Zahn recalled what clinched the partnership for him: “The thing that attracted me most to Hatchet was Simon’s vast collection of flannels. I’m pretty jealous of it. If he ever stopped wearing flannels, we honestly might have to go with someone else.”

After impressing Zahn with his urban lumberjack aesthetic, Simon got down to business and presented a sales and marketing assessment to CMO. Hatchet begins every conversation with this all-important presentation. This assessment outlines everything. It addresses the company’s current position, identifies pain points, articulates an overarching marketing directive and breaks down specific strategies and objectives to reach sales goals. Simon presented this assessment to CMO, analyzing the problem and offering a solution: “CMO was dependent on online discount websites. Their marketing could only be as good as those sites were; all their eggs were in those baskets. CMO’s awesome brand was being muddied. We had to define their brand publicly, gain exposure and decrease their dependency on those sites.”

With this sales and marketing assessment and new marketing strategy, Hatchet provided CMO with an understanding of where they were; an idea of where they wanted to go and map for how to get there. They created tangible marketing objectives that served broader sales goals. Hatchet provided CMO with the necessary skills and expertise to build a marketing machine, coordinating diverse tactics to generate more leads.

As Zahn noted, “With Hatchet coming on board, they helped us create and manage a bold but calculated marketing campaign. Hatchet built our new website, strengthened our online presence and created consistent branding across all public platforms. We were in control of our growth; we could track the best ROI and make good decisions about the future.”

The Relationship

That said, Hatchet’s contribution to the partnership is more than just data and analysis. As Zahn put it, “There are a lot of people out there doing SEO work. We wanted more than that. I know Simon and respect his conduct as a business owner. I know his team. Hatchet is intimately involved with CMO and truly understands our company.” Hatchet offers more than just a generic approach to marketing. The marketing team works closely with CMO to determine their specific business goals and then craft creative campaigns to go after those goals.

This innovative approach is an ongoing process. As CMO’s goals change and evolve, so does Hatchet’s marketing strategy. Zahn spoke to that process, “Starting next year, we will be greatly expanding our outreach. Hatchet will help us navigate that and pursue relationships with potential clients outside of Indiana. We’re beginning to engage with different mediums through which we can reach our customers—commercials, radios. From 2017 to 2018 we want our opportunity to grow. Hatchet will be active in that new growth. They help us think outside the box, overcome plateaus, get ahead of our competitors and expand our reach.”

Hatchet doesn’t offer temporary solutions. Without change, marketing becomes stagnant. We adapt and evolve to meet new challenges. Interested in a marketing team that can grow with you? Start the conversation today.