Skip the Gimmicks. Go After Sales: A Relationship Case Study

The Partner

Godby Heating Plumbing Electrical is a service company in the HVAC and home maintenance industry. Godby has served commercial business owners and residential homeowners in the Indianapolis metro area for decades. Hatchet has been partnering with Godby since 2015.

The Problem

Godby was simply not seeing results from their previous marketing campaign. The company serves two types of clients: commercial and residential. Godby was working to grow the residential side of their business, and their marketing efforts needed to target those residential clients.

Jason Godby, the owner of the company, drew this analogy: “When you build a building, you hire a general contractor to lend their expertise, coordinate various projects and oversee the enterprise. Essentially, we were trying to be our own general contractor in terms of marketing. We were grasping at straws.” Godby was in need of a “marketing general contractor” — a team who could implement a focused and effective marketing campaign to yield specific sales results.

The Solution

Another respected business owner recommended Hatchet Marketing to Jason Godby. He set up a meeting with Simon Andrews, CEO of Hatchet. Simon presented Godby with a sales and marketing assessment. Hatchet begins every conversation with this all-important presentation. This assessment outlines everything. It addresses the company’s current position, identifies pain points, articulates an overarching marketing directive and breaks down specific strategies and objectives to reach sales goals. Simon’s assessment analyzed the problem and offered a solution. As Simon put it, “Godby was spending money on various marketing services, but they couldn’t measure what they were getting from them. They were relying on other shops instead of trusting the strength of their own branding. Jason was seeking out opportunities with these services, but the execution was poor. We presented clear tactics, introduced CRM and began tracking ROI to measure our efforts.”

Simon’s presentation eased Jason Godby’s anxieties. As he put it, “I had some misgivings about hiring a marketing company. I felt that, typically, those services were for big businesses. Godby is more lean, and I didn’t think it was the move for us. But when Simon offered his diagnosis, it became clear that Hatchet is about increasing sales rather than sexy marketing gimmicks.” Hatchet implemented a targeted marketing campaign to reach those sales goals and grow Godby’s residential business. And they executed. Jason Godby notes, “Our digital presence was non-existent and now we have a strong, clean presence. We doubled our plumbing service in just over a year. That is all because of what Hatchet is doing.”

The Relationship

The relationship between the two companies is one of seamless integration, as Hatchet supplements Godby’s internal team. Jason Godby had this to say, “Our partnership with Hatchet is about as ideal as it gets. They work with our in-house staff so that everyone is informed and coordinated in the marketing effort. It’s almost as if they are a part of our team, not their own outside company. I feel confident as we move toward the future, and I can’t see us growing with anyone else.”