Google Reviews: It’s OK to Ask

It’s 2019, which means no one asks their friends or neighbors for recommendations anymore. If you need a service, you search for it online. You ask Siri. You ask Alexa. You ask Google, and Google gives you a list of recommendations. But how does Google generate such a list?

Enter Google My Business reviews.

Google reviews appear in Google search results and in Google Maps. When someone searches for your business’ services, your Google My Business rating will appear next to your name. This rating provides potential customers with the first impression of your business.

Let’s face it: if potential customers routinely choose companies with better ratings than yours on Google, you’re not going to increase your sales. Improving your Google My Business rating is a simple way to direct potential customers to your website.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll outline proven methods for getting more Google reviews and increasing your local SEO footprint.

Loose Ends

Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind when doubling down on your Google review efforts.

  • Is your business registered on Google My Business? If not, you can register it now by following this link.
  • Remember: customers must have a Google account to leave reviews.
  • Google strongly discourages offering incentives in exchange for reviews.

It’s OK to Ask

The best way to get more reviews is simple: ask your customers for them. In fact, requesting Google reviews should be part of your sales process. Everyone in your business who talks to customers should be asking for reviews. Ask after you finish a job. Ask when a customer calls with a question. Ask nicely and ask often.

When it comes to getting more Google reviews, the little things go a long way. Try walking your customers through the review posting process, and send out short links to your Google My Business page to simplify that process. Doing so ensures that your customers will end up in the right place.

Creating a Short Link

  • Find your business on Google
  • Follow the link to your existing reviews
  • Click “Write a review” in the top right corner of the window
  • Copy and paste the link into a url shortener

Leverage Email

Your customers are busy, and reviewing your business probably isn’t their number one priority. Even if you ask them for reviews, they may forget. For this reason, sending a follow-up email is essential. This gentle reminder should go out a week or so after you ask a customer for a review.

If you’re currently running an email marketing campaign, you have yet another easy opportunity to ask customers for reviews. Just add a brief call to action and the short link to your Google My Business page. Again, earning more Google reviews is all about the little things.

Ready to Generate Reviews?

Get out there and ask for them. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your sales, start the conversation with Hatchet today.