Welcome to our new office.


A few months ago, the Hatchet team packed up our oversized monitors and said goodbye to our old digs in the Stutz Business Center. Now, we’ve moved back to where it all began: Broad Ripple.

Below, you’ll find a few of the things we’re most excited about and some photos of what our new office offers.


Collaborative Space


Our new office captures who Hatchet is and reflects who we want to become. We’re a small group of experts who tirelessly work together to meet each client’s goals. This office provides a space in which collaboration can flourish, and down the line, it will give us space to grow into. Plus, we have a much improved set-up for NBA 2K breaks.



At Hatchet, we realize that our clients need a partner who works as an extension of their existing infrastructure, a partner who knows as much about their business as they do. In other words, internal and external collaboration are essential to us. Located right next to the Speakeasy—where Hatchet started back in 2013—our new office lets us better leverage the network we’ve grown over the past five years and better serve our existing clients.



Room for Bikes


Despite the preponderance of electric scooters on the streets, Hatchet maintains our preference for bicycles. We have easy access to the Monon, which means lunch, beer or a glass of whiskey is only a few minutes away.

Our increase in square footage affords more room to store bikes. In fact, we’re guessing that we could fit at least 2,632 bikes in here if we stacked them. Could we still use the space? Of course not, but that’s a lot of bikes.



What’s next?


Although we’ve unpacked and settled in, the office remains a work in progress. Potential future projects include installing a bar counter, creating a hatchet-throwing board and actually testing how many bikes fit in this place. Follow our Instagram account for updates. 



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