Last Year’s Strategy Won’t Cut It

Every business has a strategy, a way of getting from Point A to Point B or generating momentum to reach certain goals. But a strategy is only successful when it reflects your business right now. If your business is changing—say, you’re growing and your sales structure is becoming more complex—then your strategy needs to change too.

The strategy that grew your business is not the strategy that will help your business grow again.

At some point, every business owner has to evaluate his or her vision and adopt a deliberate, data-backed approach to sales and marketing.

Let’s cut to the chase: you should invest in strategy because your business’ strategy is ultimately the fate of your business. A strong strategy creates a road map for breaking sales goals and pursuing growth. An outdated strategy anchors your business in past success and present mediocrity.

Get ahead of yourself.

Identifying where your business needs to go is the first step toward building an effective strategy. Locate the pivot your company needs to make in order to grow, set clear, quantifiable sales goals and work backward from there, engineering a strategy tailored to your business’ current needs.

Create clarity.

An effective strategy isn’t a wish list. You should want to hit sales goals. You should want to grow. But closing sales and growing are objectives, not strategies. A strong strategy lays out exactly how you get these things that you want, and in doing so, it provides clarity for your entire organization and energizes your team.

At Hatchet, we say that relying on a stagnant strategy is like relying on a VCR to stream a Netflix series. It just doesn’t work. That’s why we collaborate with our partners to create and continually adapt custom sales and marketing strategies. Ready to get serious about strategy? Start the conversation with Hatchet today.