Don’t Call Us Another Indianapolis Marketing Agency

For all the glamour portrayed in AMC’s hit show Mad Men, you could be forgiven for thinking all marketing agencies were a loose collective of attractive people wearing fancy suits expensive watches working their day away next to a wet bar.

Your business should be so lucky.

Unfortunately, marketing agencies tend to be mostly the same. You know the ones we’re talking about. Less tall and chiseled, brainstorming the perfect, genius advertising concept regardless of the client or product. More stagnant, stale and applying the same strategies to your business as they do the place down the street with the fly guy out front.

That’s not marketing. That’s not what your business needs.

Enter Hatchet. Using a fresh, creative approach built on a foundation of marketing fundamentals, Hatchet gets to know your business to better understand how to effectively reach your target audience. Created specifically to push back against the one-size-fits-all approach other marketing agencies take, we at Hatchet tailor and customize a campaign designed specifically for your needs. Considering most business owners would prefer to beat the odds, having a marketing team willing and able to pivot with the times is incredibly important.

Sounds great, right? All of the above gives all the warm fuzzies a business owner may love to hear, especially after dealing with the stagnant approach of most other marketing agencies. Unfortunately, warm and fuzzies are fine. However, vagaries are not. That being the case, you may be wondering how Hatchet makes their particular brand of magic to happen.

First, if you’re looking for a marketing agency, this means what you were doing previously wasn’t working. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It happens. Hatchet takes a deep dive into your previous approach to figure out what happened. No matter what the problem may be, it will exist unless the root cause gets properly addressed and this is right in the Hatchet wheelhouse. Pull off that old band-aid, let’s figure out something that is going to work.

Quick fixes are downright ineffective when it comes to marketing. Thankfully for you, once Hatchet has determined the root cause, we’ll get right down to figuring out a strategy for getting your business back on track. By employing a “full service” approach which includes everything one might expect. Print, advertising, content, sure. All that stuff is great and will reach a percentage of your target audience. Online marketing, social media, all that is good too. Touching those marketing strategies rings together, combined with some outside of the box thinking customized to your business needs and who you are trying to reach will cure what ails your previous marketing approach.

Now that the root cause has been dealt with and a solid strategy has been designed, this is where we really set ourselves apart from the competition. From here, it’s about consistency and routine. After all, if doing something great one time is good, doing it twice must be even better! Hatchet tends to agree, which is why we establish that aforementioned routine of consistency. Lest you think we are willing to watch this strategy we’ve worked so hard to create grow stale when the inevitable changes in the marketplace show up, Hatchet will pivot as quickly and as often as needed so that your marketing remains fresh and effective no matter what your fickle customer base may desire. The fly guy need not apply!

So, yes. Take a long hard look at the Indianapolis marketing landscape. Give those other guys a call. Take note, they all give you the same tired pitch they give everybody else. Trust me, it’s going to happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Go ahead, I’ll wait …

Good. Now that you got that out of your system, let’s take all of those cookie cutters and throw them away. Hatchet was started – nay, created – against such an approach. With Hatchet, it’s all about you. Where do you see your business going? How long do you want it to take to get there? These questions just scratch the surface of what Hatchet will do. Are you scared? Good! An effective marketing approach will be aggressive and is likely to make you uncomfortable. If it doesn’t, maybe you should be the one asking the questions. But don’t worry, Hatchet will make you feel uncomfortable in all the right ways.