Digital Analytic Dashboards

Organization // Visualization // Activation – for only $500 a month

Are you…

 – Tired of juggling multiple analytics platforms to understand business KPIs?

 – Overwhelmed with the data and need a single place to review it all?

 – Done wasting time with GA4 and ready to hand it off to an expert?

Wave goodbye to drowning in data and say hello to beautifully curated marketing analytics dashboards that put clarity and insights at your fingertips.

Streamlined Insights: We harmonize all your marketing data, so you’re not just seeing numbers—you’re seeing opportunities.

Universal Communication: Speak the language of analytics fluently. Communicate with stakeholders, clients, or that guy from IT without breaking a sweat.

Unleash Creativity: Ditch mundane data compilation and let your creative genius run free. Our dashboards transform raw numbers into strategic masterstrokes.

Fuel for Growth: Insights aren’t just pretty pictures. They’re the turbo-boosters for your marketing efforts, propelling your business toward exponential growth.

Ready to Transform Your Data Overload into a Strategic Goldmine?

Your insights are just a click away. Simply fill out the form, and our team of data virtuosos will be in touch faster than you can say “analytics magic.”


At Hatchet, we believe that big data should be your competitive advantage. We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours navigate the complex landscape of digital analytics and turn insights into growth opportunities.

Experience the transformative power of our Digital Analytics Dashboards and unlock the full potential of your data. Contact us today to learn how we can elevate your decision-making process and drive your business forward.