Here are the things we think you should know about digital marketing.

Is SEO Still Important?

You may have seen the phrase “SEO is dead” floating around in recent years. With search engines moving towards sorting their SERPs by content quality rather than keywords, it’s no wonder many think that SEO is dying. They may not be altogether correct, but the phrase gets one thing right: marketers have to change the Read More

Easy Marketing Isn’t Enough. Go Big.

Good Marketing is hard. Easy marketing, which the majority of Indianapolis small businesses do, is doing what everyone else is doing. Looking, saying and showing up just like everyone else. It’s not hard and there are tons of examples. It’s doing the same thing every year. It’s being stagnate. Good marketing is being risky, vulnerable, Read More

Why Service, Quality, and Price Don’t Matter in Sales and Marketing

Service, quality, and price don’t matter. If you’re talking about service, quality, or price in your sales and marketing as a differentiator, you are doing the opposite…you’re presenting yourself like everyone else. This trifecta of over-marketed jargon isn’t important. As a company you should have the best quality of product or service. Your price should Read More

One question that can change the way you do business

Stagnation is a momentum sucker. As a business owner, if you aren’t thinking about what’s next for your business you become vulnerable. But “What’s next?” can’t just be a question that you ask; it has to become a mentality for your whole company.

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How Every Marketing Strategy Should Start

Sales always comes first — think of it as the power source to your business. It doesn't matter how good the product or the marketing is, because if your sales process isn’t working, nothing else happens. Validating sales ensures that when the marketing strategy gets rolling, the wins will come.

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Data Driven Marketing

“If you don't understand how to use technology in marketing, there is no point for your existence,”

said Tim Kopp, former chief marketing officer of ExactTarget and current advisor and venture partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners. He was speaking as a panelist at the Indianapolis Business Journal Power Breakfast Series for Technology.

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3 Ways Not to “Wing” Marketing

You leave a workshop or a three day conference of business owners sharing success stories on how they’ve double, tripled, quadrupled business in a matter of a few year or months. You sitting back saying “Wow if he/she can do it. So can I!”

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