Last Year’s Strategy Won’t Cut It

Every business has a strategy, a way of getting from Point A to Point B or generating momentum to reach certain goals. But a strategy is only successful when it reflects your business right now. If your business is changing—say, you’re growing and your sales structure is becoming more complex—then your strategy needs to change too.

The strategy that grew your business is not the strategy that will help your business grow again.
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Is SEO Still Important?

You may have seen the phrase “SEO is dead” floating around in recent years. With search engines moving towards sorting their SERPs by content quality rather than keywords, it’s no wonder many think that SEO is dying. They may not be altogether correct, but the phrase gets one thing right: marketers have to change the way they use SEO to attract organic web traffic. It’s no longer good enough to throw in random keywords and links. Both are still relevant, but what’s more important to search engines is the quality of links and text content.
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Easy Marketing Isn’t Enough. Go Big.

Good Marketing is hard. Easy marketing, which the majority of Indianapolis small businesses do, is doing what everyone else is doing. Looking, saying and showing up just like everyone else. It’s not hard and there are tons of examples. It’s doing the same thing every year. It’s being stagnate.

Good marketing is being risky, vulnerable, edgy. Good marketing is moving the needle. Good marketing may fail but it taught you enough to get better. Good marketing is saying, designing and acting on tactics and strategies that make you nervous.

Don’t be stagnant. Aggressively go after your sales goals. Invest in good marketing and move the needle.

Why Service, Quality, and Price Don’t Matter in Sales and Marketing

Service, quality, and price don’t matter.

If you’re talking about service, quality, or price in your sales and marketing as a differentiator, you are doing the opposite…you’re presenting yourself like everyone else.

This trifecta of over-marketed jargon isn’t important. As a company you should have the best quality of product or service. Your price should be competitive. Your service should be the best. These aren’t “nice to haves” anymore. They aren’t differentiators; they are necessities for companies to be successful.

Instead, sales and marketing should target the problems that your products or services solve. What truly differentiates your company from competitors are the people, experiences and value that constitute the buying process. Focus sales and marketing messaging here and results will change.